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MeasureSquare’s Suite of estimation software and application products designed specifically for flooring industry, will effectively enhance measuring, planning, estimating, quoting, communication, colaboration processes at the same time improve sales processes. MeasureSquare UK Ltd is part of a global corporation with offices in the UK, US,  Australia, New Zealand, and Phillipines offering local support when needed.

MeasureSquare Apps

It may look complicated and high tech but measuring software is not rocket science. MeasureSquare is a simple box packed with tools designed to...

We measure quantities, We Measure Waste, We Measure Time, We Measure Efficiency, We Measure all things flooring and Walls  – So you can get on with Measuring PROFIT.

JobTraka – Essential functionality designed for construction businesses requiring a simple, yet sophisticated solution for tracking job site tasks linked to customisable task lists and task templating. Live management. monitoring, and reporting on anything from moisture readings, flooring installations, site security, training, site safety suvery to asset location the list is endless.