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Forbo partners with The Salvation Army to provide carpet tiles to support local communities

Forbo Flooring Systems is proud to have entered into partnership with the Salvation Army Trading Company (SATCoL), supporting its Take Back scheme and furniture shops with donations of reusable carpet tiles.

With the focus on supporting local communities and prolonging its Tessera carpet tiles’ useful lifespan, Forbo will be supplying The Salvation Army with donations of surplus carpet tiles, lifted from corporate refurbishment and renovation projects. As part of the charity’s Take Back Scheme, the carpet tiles will be distributed to the charity’s furniture shops around the UK, providing communities with easy access to affordable and high-quality flooring.

Designed for commercial environments, such as offices and schools, Forbo’s range of Tessera carpet tiles are not only renowned in the flooring industry for their aesthetic styling, but also for their outstanding performance in the most demanding and heavy traffic environments.

Speaking about the partnership, Richard Shea, Service Development Manager at Salvation Army Trading Company, said: “It’s wonderful to officially have Forbo on board with our Take Back scheme. Originally launched in 2023, it has been a phenomenal success so far. The demand has been huge – as soon as the flooring enters our shops, it very quickly disappears off the shelves.

“Our aim is to support the most vulnerable in the community, helping to improve their living conditions and furnish their homes with high-quality flooring. A great benefit of Forbo’s carpet tiles is that they are originally designed for commercial use, meaning they are incredibly durable and long-lasting. As the product is modular in nature, it is also easy to transport and install, with no need for the additional and costly extras that can be associated with carpet rolls.”

Donna Hannaway, Head of Marketing at Forbo, added: “We’re delighted to be supporting the Salvation Army charity – a truly deserving cause. We understand how important it is for businesses, like ourselves, to help people, families and local communities who need it the most.

“The initiative is also great for the environment, providing a second life to carpet tiles that may otherwise be sent to landfill, despite having many more years of use in them. Ensuring we get the most out of our products is a key focus for us as a company, and we already engage with various schemes to encourage the reuse and recycling of our flooring products.”

As the largest charity owned textile collector in the UK, SATCoL diverts over 250 million items to good uses every year, including over 65,000 tonnes of textiles. The profits SATCoL raises is donated to The Salvation Army to continue to support the work they do throughout the UK.

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