30 years in the making

CFJ turns 30 this year. Its resilience in the age of the digital revolution speaks to the importance of our industry in a tumultuous world.

The Berlin Wall was torn down, rocking the foundations of the Soviet Union. No look back in time would be complete without a snapshot of where the UK was with the EU - and it'll come as no surprise that there was rancour even then. Read all about it in our digital page turner.

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Installation of the month

‘Stunning’ porcelain installation at celebrity showroom

STONE Super Store and LTP have completed what is described as a ‘stunning porcelain installation’ for bespoke furniture manufacturer and retailer, Honey I’m Home, at its new showroom in Leigh, near Salford.

Featuring upholstered ceilings, flower...

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News Story

Machine operation ‘made easy’

THE Preparation Group has introduced easy-to-read ‘How to Use’ cards onto its range of shotblasters, grinders, planers, scrapers, dust extractors and…

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News Story

Architect George Clarke graces V4 awards (1)

GEORGE Clarke, the architect, TV presenter, lecturer and writer, famous for his work on the Channel 4 programmes The Home Show, The Restoration Man…

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News Story

Entries are starting to come in for 2020 CFJ/CFA Awards

ENTRIES have started coming in for the 2020 CFJ/CFA Awards which will be held on Friday 19 June at Coombe Abbey, Warwickshire and hosted by…

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Editor's Blog

Knee and body protection from Redbacks Cushionin

Redbacks Cushioning, developers of the ‘Leaf-Spring’ cushioning technology is said to offer a range of products to help protect the knees and body from damage caused by kneeling
The Redbacks Pocket Kneepad, designed to fit work trousers, features a...

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‘Take up the challenge at the Academy’

EVEN the most experience hardened installer can gain new skills when they take up the challenges faced at the Academy for Excellence in Flooring, says the company.

‘With 12sq m square bays full of obstacles such as sinks, toilets, angles, stairs, curved walls and more, there are plenty of challenges to face as you conquer tests in the Master Installer programme to become a certified Quick-Step installer.’

Says Lee Thompson from the academy:...

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Contractor Profiles

The amazing life of Britain's oldest floorlayer - Chapter Six

LAST month, we detailed how Keith had befriended Derek Rideout who worked at a coffee shop in Nottingham and who was also a part-time carpet-fitter. When Keith fell on hard times after losing his business partner William Jones*, he and Derek moved into a flat in Park Road Number 64 in Nottingham for £3 a week.

Because of a shortage of money, times weren’t easy. ‘Derek and I scraped around for carpet fitting work but were more out of work than...

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Point of View

How Leonardo would write your sales letter

ABOUT 600 years ago, Leonardo de Vinci famously wrote a sales letter to the mayor of Milan seeking employment as a military engineer. Yes, Leonardo wanted a job and used his letter to present the benefits he could bring to the city if it employed him.

Leonardo da Vinci knew a well-drafted sales letter is a highly effective marketing tool that enables you to communicate with your customers and prospects on a one-to-one basis.

Today, with the...

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Help and Advice

Algorithm is king

Tom Bourne, creative director, Select First.

FOR those in the flooring industry looking to raise their game on social media, the algorithm is king. It controls who sees your content and when they see it and trying to overcome it without a guide is rather like climbing Everest in trainers and a jumper.

The truth is, the algorithms behind most social media platforms prioritise paid-for content, so your organic posts are always at the mercy of...

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