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Pedal-to-the-floor for interlocking looselay system

THE R-Tile interlocking looselay flooring system is said to have reached the pinnacle of garage and industrial flooring by being installed in this year’s F1 Baku Grand Prix pit lane garages.

The project was a long time in the making with a ‘massive effort’ by the sales and project management team. From start-to-finish the team reportedly received amazing praise for its customer service with ‘prompt replies and an excellent customer experience at the forefront of all R-Tek’s projects’.

Heavy-duty requirements
Says the company: ‘The project requirements meant the R-Tile was the perfect product for the needs of an F1 pit garage. The heavy-duty environment required a solution that could handle heavy foot traffic, heavy equipment, and most of all F1 cars that carried a heavy price tag and technical requirements.’

The process began with choosing the R-Tile textured tile, described as the most popular product offering a slip-rating of R10, ‘and a seamless look once installed. It’s seen to be the best flooring solution for the needs of any garage, residential and commercial’.

In addition, the tiles needed to have the ability to be printed on and designed. The F1 team required various logos and colours to be included on the floor which the R-Tile textured tile reportedly offered with no issue.

Protection needed – the fire and chemical resistance
With the technical and safety specifications at a very high level within the pit area the floor specification was a very important element. With chemical and fire risks the purchasing of the correct flooring was of paramount importance and again the R-Tile ‘met every requirement and more to ensure the safety of any space and the users of the install area.

‘During the manufacture of the R-Tile it’s been produced and engineered to have materials added to the process to ensure the tiles are fire-retardant and aren’t damaged by most chemical spillages. With highly flammable liquids and other such obstacles the R-Tile was perfect for the pit garages.’

Things can get loud in the pits – The R-Tiles sound absorption properties
Workshops and garages can be loud at the best of times, never mind with more than 40 crew and an F1 car making enough noise to have anyone grabbing for ear protectors. Says the company: ‘R-Tek introduced anti-noise pollution properties into the product with what it describes as a unique manufacturing process that means the floor absorbs sound thus protecting users. When the race organisers heard this they were overjoyed the product they’d chosen had this amazing added benefit.’

The F1 and R-Tek sustainability promise and strategy
F1 has set a sustainability strategy in place for zero carbon emissions from factory to flag by 2030. The R-Tiles says it has a product made from 100% recycled material, then being 100% recyclable at the end of use.

The company says: ‘It was a no-brainer for the race organisers to use this ground-breaking product. With recycling and saving the planet becoming more and more prevalent the R-Tile is a favoured product by large companies making promises to cut their carbon footprint in as many elements of their business as possible. Why not start from the ground up! ‘

Busy garages need a floor that’s quick and easy to clean
A drum of oil spills or fuel is dropped on the floor, one of many spillages and accidents that can happen in a pit lane as well as any other commercial or residential garage.

Says the company: ‘The R-Tile offers excellent cleaning properties with a wear layer and has been specifically engineered to be easily cleaned. The research and development team at R-Tek have spent months testing various elements of flooring that need to be improved and added these elements to the design of their flooring solution.

‘The cleaning of the floor was one of the first questions the team at F1 asked of the project manager and were very happy to hear of its excellent specifications.’

Used by other big brands
As well as F1 the R-Tile is reportedly used by some of the biggest brands around the world and its continued growth means the list is said to be growing rapidly. ‘Now operating in more than 20 countries around the world the exponential growth had led to more machinery and a new factory being added in recent times. With brands such as Amazon, Tesco, Jaguar Land Rover, and Airbus using the product in their factories and warehouses the R-Tile name is now becoming an industry leading product.’

Continued success
Concludes the company: ‘With such success of the R-Tile at the Baku Grand Prix F1 organisers are now going to expand the use of the R-Tile in other areas. The future looks extremely bright for this flooring solution.

‘The host of advantages have made the entire project a massive success and meant that the R-Tile has now even been touted by some of the F1 teams for their own factory workshops.’

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