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ANHYDRITE screeds are becoming increasingly common, especially in newbuild properties. Kerakoll’s hardwood flooring systems brochure includes a system for anhydrite and gypsum which is looked at in more detail below.

The system can be used on anhydrite screeds, gypsum panels, plasterboard and dry lining sheets. It is said to be easy and simple-to-use on new installations and for renovation work and has been designed to help safeguard the health of the installer and the environment.

The substrate is consolidated using Slc Eco EP21 which can be used on screeds with up to 5% residual moisture. Next Slc Eco L34 Flex is used to fix the wood flooring to the substrate. The floor is finished with an application of Slc Eco Aqua-Pur HPX to protect it from wear and abrasion.

These products have very low volatile organic compound emissions, and are solvent-free or, in the case of the Slc Eco Aqua-Pur HPX have reduced solvent content. Slc Eco EP21 and Slc Eco L34 Flex are non-toxic and non-hazardous to human health.

Technical advice and problem-solving
Every project is unique and it’s important to consider any particular issues that may be present. The best way to do this is to get the manufacturer involved at the specification stage, so the most suitable products can be chosen, and to ensure they’re consulted should an unforeseen issue occur onsite.
Kerakoll’s technical team has offered its help and advice at all stages of any project.
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