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‘New type of adhesive’ from Kerakoll

KERAKOLL’s Biogel, the recipient of The Tile Association’s 2018 Innovation Award, is a new type of adhesive manufactured using gel technology. ‘The term ‘revolutionary’ can be overused, but in the case of these adhesives is well-deserved as the Kerakoll R&D team went back to the drawing board to reinvent the adhesive formulations,’ says the company.

‘The most obvious change from conventional cement- and epoxy resin-based adhesive ranges for the specifier is the fact there are only three products to cover all possible standard and rapid-set substrate and material combinations, whether flexible or not. Biogel No Limits (standard set C2 TE S1) and Biogel Revolution (rapid set C2 FTE S1) come in powder form and Biogel Extreme (R2) is a two-part hybrid gel.’

Kerakoll continues: ‘Apart from the simplicity of choice, the advantages are many: the adhesives stay the same consistency as when you first mixed them even after a long period in the bucket. The mix doesn’t shrink, so you can make it the right thickness for the job and it’s softer and easier to work with.

‘The consistency means it wets the entire tile as well as the substrate, giving an excellent bond and superior performance. It’s high-grab and no slip even on walls. And the inclusion of resins gives it a high-shear strength which means it can be used on the most deformable substrates. The icing on the cake is that this new type of resin has a low environmental impact giving Biogel No Limits a GreenBuilding Rating of 5.’

Kerakoll says its Fugalite Bio grout range also breaks new ground with water-based resin grout that is hypo-allergenic and better for the environment than traditional epoxy-resin grouts. The grout performs to a high standard ‘even in the most demanding situations and can be used internally, externally in domestic, industrial and commercial projects’.
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