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Unlocking design potential: transforming spaces with Altro’s colour palette

Colour plays a pivotal role in design, serving as a powerful tool that can evoke emotions, communicate messages, and enhance overall aesthetic appeal. The strategic use of colour can influence how people perceive and interact with a design or space. Altro floors, walls and doors can help you create soothing, welcoming, and visually appealing spaces.

We’ve worked closely with prominent figures and leading thinkers in inclusive design to ensure a wide array of Light Reflectance Values (LRVs) and Chroma values in our Altro floor and wall combinations, providing you with an extensive selection. This careful thought doesn’t just make our colours look nice; it also gives you confidence that the LRV levels are correct in our flooring options when and where it matters.

Stephanie Kyle, Architect & Inclusive Design Consultant, Maber Architects said:

“Colour intensity can be difficult for some designers to recognise so having the chroma values to support colour choices, in the same way Light Reflectance Values assist with contrast, will hopefully improve accessibility for people who have a visual processing difference or are more sensitive to visual stimuli.”

New designs, new shades, new inspiration from Altro

Our award-winning luxury vinyl tiles are now new and improved, giving you even more flexibility in design. Our team of innovators have taken the wood-effect designs up a notch by delivering a seamlessly refined finish with a finer grain emboss and introduced a fresh plank size. We’ve expanded the colour palette within our stone collection and introduced a new tile size of 500mm x 500mm. To keep our Altro Ensemble range up to date and matching current market trends, we have removed the ‘block’ colours, allowing you to focus design and aesthetics choices with the more on-trend concrete, wood, and stone options.

These upgrades open a world of exciting design prospects, enabling you to infuse personality and creativity into your flooring choices.

Altro Whiterock Satins

Altro Whiterock Satins, our versatile and sophisticated wall cladding is now available in a range of solid, decorative, satin shades – from new soothing Spa and healing Hessian, through to fresh Flint and original, organic Orchard, which matches Watercress, one of Pantones top ten standout colours for 2024, bringing ‘a refreshing peppery green with a sprightly presence.’ Altro Whiterock Satin wall panels seamlessly merge elegance with practicality, offering both a striking feature wall and a hygienic solution for entire rooms such as spa rooms, creating a relaxing oasis with biophilic properties.

“The introduction of new ‘tonal’ colours in healthcare design presents the opportunity to further refine and tailor colour palettes to the specific needs of healthcare environments. Altro’s launch of the new range of colours in Altro Whiterock Satins offers architects and interior designers enhanced design flexibility, combining tonal colours and chroma references to create soothing and visually relaxing healthcare environments.”

Commented Maria Luigia Assirelli, Director, Mental Health & Social Value Lead, Floyd Slaski Architects Ltd

Take a look and find out more about our design-led floor and wall solutions.

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