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Fast, efficient flooring is adhesive-free

Chris Rand outlines the benefits of adhesive free floorcoverings for healthcare facilities, including speed of installation, minimal downtime and reduced environmental impact.

FOR hospitals and other healthcare facilities, scheduling planned renovations can be a challenge as the buildings are in use every day, if not around the clock. Traditionally, floors have presented a particular issue owing to the work needed to remove the existing material, prepare the subfloor, and lay the new flooring.

Added to this is the typical 48-hour curing time before the floor can be used – and closing an area of the building or even the whole building for that long is simply not an option. In fact, the importance of this was highlighted in a recent iGOV survey, which revealed 95% of NHS trusts cited ‘speed of installation and minimising service disruption’ as a mid-high priority when considering a floorcovering.

Adhesive-free flooring is the perfect solution to these challenges. As the name suggests, these products are installed without the need for traditional flooring adhesive. There are several options available with varying installation methods too, from interlocking tiles to sheet products installed with a single sided tape.

Saving time and money
Adhesive free floor coverings are designed to be laid straight onto the subfloor, or even over an existing floor, with minimal preparation in many cases. This can reduce the installation time by over 50% and means it’s possible to complete refurbishment work at night, during a weekend or, depending on the size of the installation area, while the building is still in use. The reduced installation time and in turn, labour, means adhesive free flooring also offers a cost-saving alternative for your customers.

Minimised downtime
With adhesive free installations, the room or area will only have to be closed off for a minimal amount of time. As the installation is completely free of adhesives, no setting or drying time needs to be factored in and there is no need to wait for 48 hours before reintroducing heavy traffic. Once the floor has been fitted, it’s ready for use immediately by foot and wheeled traffic, furniture can be replaced, and use of the area can resume.

A sustainable solution
Adhesive-free flooring also provides a more sustainable option as the products are easy to remove and recycle at the end of their service life, as there’s no adhesive residue left on the back of the flooring. The environmental credentials of the installation can be enhanced further by selecting products, such as those found in Forbo’s Fast Fit collection, which are manufactured using renewable energy and include recycled content.

More than in any other sector, minimising downtime through streamlined installations is essential for healthcare facilities.

Adhesive-free flooring, including the Forbo Fast Fit collection, provides a cost effective, time-saving and sustainable option that contractors can offer to healthcare customers to help overcome the challenges of refurbishment.

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Chris Rand is segment marketing manager for healthcare, Forbo Flooring Systems

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