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‘Bona Mega EVO and the power of evolution’

‘AT the cutting edge of wood floor finishing technology, Bona proudly presents Bona Mega EVO – setting a new industry benchmark for faster, better, and safer floor surfaces,’ says the company.

It continues: ‘For more than a century, Bona has been a pioneering presence in the flooring solutions sector, initiating products and technologies that have repeatedly set new standards. With the original Bona Mega introduced in 1996, Bona has consistently revolutionised the way we treat our wood surfaces. Previously launching a range of innovative floor treatments and finishes, many breakthroughs that won the professional trust and made Bona become a favoured choice for contractors. Today, we are excited to share with you the next chapter—the impressive Bona Mega EVO.’

The company adds: ‘Bona introduces Bona Mega EVO, a next generation 1K waterborne lacquer for wood floors with a new state-of-the-art self-crosslinking technology that activates when applied. Suitable for heavy domestic and medium commercial use. The unique, non-yellowing formula delivers fast curing with excellent resistance to scratches, wear, and chemicals.’

VOC levels and environmental responsibility
Sustainability is no longer a choice but a responsibility. The company continues: ‘Bona Mega EVO stands as a testament to Bona’s commitment to this cause, with VOC levels below 3% and EC1PLUS certification from EMICODE. The move to phase out PFAS in our products echoes our devotion to a safer and healthier environment. Our clients can trust our Greenguard Gold certification, ensuring safe use even on children’s toys.

‘This revolutionary product transcends ordinary expectations, offering exceptional results while simultaneously contributing to healthier work conditions and enhanced interior air quality.’

Pushing the boundaries of innovation
Bona adds: ‘Bona Mega EVO delivers improved performance in less time. Due to its unique capacity to self-crosslink, the floor dries quicker after and between applications. Enhanced initial impact resistance minimises the potential for damage, enabling a speedier return to normal use than previously possible.’

‘Forgiving and safe application’
Continues Bona: ‘Bona Mega EVO, with its excellent viscosity, offers ease of application and forgiveness, while its rapid drying properties and outstanding abrasion resistance minimize downtime. The smooth consistency offers outstanding filling qualities.

‘Thanks to the unique properties of Bona Mega EVO you can rest assured of a great result, with or without primer. The product’s superior filling and abrasion resistance qualities streamline preparation and application processes while ensuring a pristine result.’

‘Outstanding in comparison’
Bona Mega EVO is the next evolution of Bona Mega, which was first introduced in 1996 and offered an industry-first oxygen crosslinking technology and, at the time, was reportedly considered a top choice among flooring contractors for use as a one-component topcoat for wood floors in environments requiring medium to light commercial wear-resistance.

Says Bona: ‘Bona Mega EVO is the next generation that incorporates a completely new and significantly faster technology that is unique to Bona. The self-crosslinking occurs entirely within the lacquer without the use of any external components, making it a next generation coating.

Regarding performance, the Bona Mega EVO is an advancement in every way.

‘Merging the top features from Bona Mega and Bona Mega ONE creates an exceptional product that stands out from the competition by performing at a high level on all relevant parameters.’

‘A wood floor lacquer not just for today, but for the future’
‘When it comes to performance, Bona Mega EVO is an advancement in every way. With the new self-crosslinking technology, we have merged the top features from Bona Mega and Bona Mega ONE to create an exceptional product with even less solvent. It stands out from the competition due to its consistently high level of performance. Bona Mega EVO is the next step for coating medium- to light-commercial areas and domestic wood floors,’ said Alec Stacey, Bona technical manager.

The company continues: ‘Bona Mega EVO’s new self-crosslinking technology provides a topcoat that dries quickly, remains clear over time, offers excellent sanding ability, and has VOC levels below 3%. It has high filling abilities, low odour, and excellent scratch, wear, and chemical resistance.’

Bona adds: ‘With Bona Mega EVO’s fast-drying and quick cure time, the floor can be in use more quickly when compared to other one-component lacquers. This also means the next topcoat layer can be applied much sooner than with traditional polymer technology.

‘Bona Mega EVO guarantees a uniform colouring of the wood floor even without the use of a primer making it possible to use just one product during the whole process. It has a non-yellowing formula with minimal odour during the application process and dissipates rapidly afterwards. The legacy of quality reflects in Bona Mega EVO, capturing the essence of everything Bona stands for – innovation, quality, and sustainability.’ si=blQilTtMi9ovURK1

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