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Forbo takes its safety flooring to the next level

FORBO Flooring Systems’ Health and Safety Executive (HSE) compliant Step safety vinyl portfolio has been updated, taking the whole collection to what the company describes as the next level.
Says the company: ‘Incorporating new and on-trend aesthetics, while retaining the same trusted slip resistance, the refreshed Step collection caters to both design and safety demands in interior spaces.

Recognising the market demand for more sophisticated safety flooring solutions, Forbo has looked to provide a wider range of designs within its Step portfolio.

‘Able to cater to a range of sectors, the refreshed collection features 63 new colourways, including the addition of new contemporary wood and stone designs alongside a new dementia-friendly range. In addition to this, Forbo’s Step safety vinyl contains the lowest embodied carbon on the market for safety vinyl, without the need for offsetting. This refresh now means there is no need to compromise on design when looking to specify fully compliant safety flooring.’

The company continues: ‘Pushing its design capabilities further, Forbo has expanded its Surestep Wood and Surestep Stone ranges, with the addition of beautifully realistic wood and stone effects. Achieved through advanced printing techniques, all 13 wood designs (eight of which are new, including a contemporary Hungarian Point style) offer a clear and sharp visual, due to the use of the almost invisible ‘Step crystals’.

‘As well as this, there is a new mosaic design, further enhancing the design offering in the refreshed collection. The Surestep Stone range also sees updates, with six new colourways: the standout of which being the speckled concrete and ceramic tile aesthetics. The ranges alone, demonstrate Forbo’s commitment to avoid compromising on design for safety.’

Adds the company: ‘Forbo has also introduced Surestep Balance, a collection specifically designed for dementia-friendly environments. This range contains eight designs, all connecting tonally with the wood aesthetics traditionally seen in many care home environments. Featuring a subtle speckled effect, this collection is ideal for dementia-friendly environments, but it can also be used in any general area requiring slip resistance.

‘To match current interior design trends, Forbo has also incorporated 19 new colourways into its Surestep Original collection, the largest of the Step ranges. This includes contemporary greys, browns and beiges, as well as more accented shades and pastel colours that complement modern interior design schemes.’

The company continues: ‘For more demanding locations, where there’s a higher risk of slipping owing to continuous floor contamination, Forbo’s Safestep R11 and R12 collections offer excellent slip resistance. As these products are intended for more commercial spaces, typically out of public view, both ranges feature a more condensed and neutral colour palette.

‘While, for wet-room areas, Forbo offers its Surestep Laguna and Safestep Aqua ranges, with 11 new colourways introduced. Forbo’s Surestep Fast Fit collection also features in the updated Step sample book, allowing for quick and easy adhesive-free installations, perfect for environments where safety flooring is required in a timely manner, but also with circularity in mind.’

Adds Forbo: ‘Not only does the refreshed Step collection feature a wide variety of new and existing designs, but there is also an overlap in colours across all collections, with some colourways even appearing in multiple collections. This means each range can be easily combined, achieving consistency between different application areas and slip rating requirements. Additionally, Step floor coverings can be easily installed alongside Forbo’s other vinyl ranges, such as Eternal and Sphera, to create integrated design schemes.’

Lewis Cooper, senior marketing executive, from Forbo Flooring Systems, spoke on the refreshed collection, saying: ‘With the changing design trends on the market, we wanted to make sure our Step safety flooring combined modern aesthetics without compromising on performance. That’s why we looked to add so many new colourways, featuring patterns not usually seen before in safety flooring. For example, the wood and stone designs, which are innovative and unique, allow architects and specifiers to create stylish and safety-conscious environments. In addition to this, our Step safety vinyl has the lowest embodied carbon on the market for safety vinyl, without the need for offsetting, something we’re very proud of.’

Forbo continues: ‘With more than 50 years’ experience, Forbo’s Step safety vinyl is a trusted name, dedicated to creating healthier indoor environments, with a focus on the safety, hygiene and wellbeing of every individual who uses the floorcoverings. Reflecting this commitment, Forbo’s Step safety flooring is 100% phthalate-free and incorporates an average of 24% recycled content, as well as meeting all HSE and European safety norms. In addition to this, Step is manufactured in a factory running on 100% renewable electricity, using energy sources such as wind.’

Adds the company: ‘As a true safety flooring, all Surestep ranges (and Safestep Aqua) achieve a Pendulum Test Value (PTV) of ≥36, with a slip resistance rating of R10. Whereas Safestep R11 & R12 achieve PTVs of ≥40 and ≥50, respectively, for even more protection against slips and falls.
‘As well as this, to cater to busy environments, all Step floorcoverings have a PUR Pearl finish, offering excellent stain, chemical and scratch resistance, making it easier to clean and maintain the floorcovering across its entire service life.’

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