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‘Waterproof floors for every room’

QUICK-STEP’s waterproof wood, vinyl and laminate floors bring premium quality in every room of the home, says the company.

‘With a history of innovation, Quick-Step has become a leading flooring brand with a range of premium quality floors for consumers that expect the best in design and function. Now with wood, vinyl and laminate floors; Quick-Step has a waterproof floor for every room.

‘The first and only waterproof wood floor, Cascada has made the seemingly impossible, possible: a wood floor that can be used in kitchens and bathrooms without worry. Cascada uses Wood for Life technology and a precision fit to prevent moisture reaching its core and providing a lifetime warranty in kitchens and bathrooms.

‘It’s not only being waterproof that makes Cascada an appealing choice. Wood for Life technology also makes it easier to clean by repelling dirt and spills and avoids the build-up of dirt in the grain and joints that can cause blackness over time. With Cascada, homes can boast the natural beauty of wood with the practicality usually associated with synthetic floors.’

The company continues: ‘Quick-Step has also elevated the performance and design integrity of vinyl with the Alpha Vinyl collection. Featuring HydroSeal in combination with a precision fit to fully close joints, Alpha Vinyl is 100% waterproof. Its built-in underlay also speeds up installation, reduces noise and boosts comfort, so Alpha Vinyl isn’t only waterproof, but warm, quiet and comfortable too.

‘Yet for many consumers, it’s the floor’s attention to design that distinguishes it as a premium option. A refined surface structure brings exquisite texture, accurately tracking every grain and knot with realistic depth for the most natural looking rigid vinyl flooring to date. And with the Ciro herringbone and Illume stone collections sitting alongside its Blos and Bloom planks, Alpha Vinyl explores a range of inspiring and authentic natural looks.’

Adds the company: ‘The impressive durability of Quick-Step’s laminate floors are now waterproof across most ranges and in the Capture collection, laminate is brought closer to nature than ever before. The HydroSeal technology and precision fit joint create a waterproof seal without affecting the worry-free scratch and stain resistance that makes laminate a popular choice for busy families.’

Concludes the company: ‘Never before has a laminate floor looked as good as Capture. Quick-Step has recreated every detail in colour and structure in every knot, crack, grain and joint, using new technology that allows it to achieve up to 20 times the depth of other laminate floors. Capture comes closer to real wood than you ever thought possible. With its waterproof wood, vinyl and laminate floors, Quick-Step brings premium quality and refined design to every room.’

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