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Royal grammar school High Wycombe revitalized with eco-friendly, luxurious Rawson ‘Riven’ carpet tiles

REFURBISHMENT works have been completed at Royal Grammar School High Wycombe using Rawson Carpet Solutions structured nylon carpet tile solution called ‘Riven’ which is said by the company to have been manufactured carbon neutral and is ‘a competitive, heavy weight, luxurious carpet tile solution for the education sector’.

Continues Rawson: ‘For the classrooms in two colours with familiar yarns have been used to great effect. The subtle but alive grey tones allow for the true effect of the structuring in the plank to show through.

‘Matching yarns in the range allow for different colours to be used together sinuously when desired. Riven is manufactured carbon neutral and is one of the newer design ranges from Rawson Carpet Solutions, providing the classroom with a modern and natural inspired uplift to the space. Riven is a structured and flowing design offering biophilic interpretations.

‘The range is based upon nature’s materials and raw construction finishes, offering only naturally inspired colours including forest greens and watery blues. The nylon carpet tile and plank range LC1 luxury class rating, Class 33 rating for heavy traffic along with castor chair tested accreditation.’

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