ProKnee kneepads ‘can be repaired and rebuilt many times’

REPORTEDLY unique from other kneepads on the market, ProKnee kneepads can be repaired and rebuilt many times over with replacement parts options and modular...

Consider Goof Proof Wall Trimmer, says ProKnee

MORE time plus tools that make our work more efficient is something floor installers are...

ProKnee develops one-size-fits-all kneepad

NEED a compact kneepad solution that provides comfort and support on those tight space jobs?...

The story behind the evolution of stair tread installation

THE first rubber stair treads, as we know them today, came out in the ‘60s...

Kneepad ‘in a class of its own’

THE ProKnee Model 0714/0714E kneepad is reportedly in a class all of its own with...

Back and knee pain and advancements in kneepads

If you work in the flooring industry, you may fall victim to frequent back-and-knee pain....

‘Full line of knee protection for all comfort levels’

PROKNEE Corporation says it offers a full line of knee protection for all comfort levels...

ProKnee stresses its commitment to sustainability with kneepad models

THE ProKnee Corporation’s commitment to sustainability has always been about designing and producing durable kneepads...

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