Behind the EarthWerks® name is the family business Swiff-Train from Texas (USA) – founded in 1937 by Josef Swiff and Herbert Train. Especially considering the fact that Swiff-Train has a long heritage and experience in the area of design floor coverings (Luxury Vinyl Tiles, LVT), and a very sound history of experience in this arena. Since 1985, this experience has woven itself into every facet of company innovation, and into every development, and every collection.

LVT pioneer, EarthWerks has been offering luxury vinyl flooring for almost four decades

EARTHWERKS says diversity, excellence in design and outstanding quality are the primary focus of its activities. ‘High design, high standards, attention to detail and a...

Earthwerks in social housing

WITH Earthwerks as your LVT partner you can be sure its experience and affordability will...

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